Switching to LED lighting not only reduces your power consumption saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint, it also has many other advantages over conventional lighting. Let’s look at some of the key benefits to making the change to LED lighting:


LEDs are typical 8-12w compared to 60-100w for conventional lighting. This saving makes a return on investment for an upgrade very appealing. Savings of hundreds of dollars a year can be made by reducing your power consumption.


Typically, most households have the older style halogen downlights. These bulbs get to temperatures well above 300 degrees Celsius causing damage and fires every year in Australia. In comparison, LED downlights run at temperatures between 40-60 degrees Celsius which is the average ambient roof space temperature.


LED technology has enabled manufacturers to produce lamps that last 20 times longer than conventional lamps. This saves money and reduces landfill.


LEDs open a whole world of colours! From a choice of whites to enhance your décor or improve visibility, to over 16 million different colours. Automation makes it possible to match lighting to seasons giving you better control of intensity in your home.

If you are looking to save money, brighten up your home or add colour to highlight your home, our domestic electricians can come to your home and assess your needs and deliver a lighting plan to suit your requirements and budget.