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To Duct or Not to Duct: Split Versus Ducted AC Systems

d to figure out what kind of system you need or whether there is a more cost-efficient cooling solution for your home or office. This article will discuss the difference between the two main air conditioning systems: ducted and split. Read on!

Ducted Air Conditioning System

A ducted air conditioner system revolves around a single centrally located cooling unit which is known as an evaporator. That cooling unit is located inside your ceiling space. It links to the condenser unit outside via refrigerant pipes. The condenser compresses refrigerant gas into a liquid state to provide the cooling mechanism. The refrigerant travels to the evaporator which has a large fan that pushes air over a cold coil to reduce the temperature of your home via a network of flexible ducts that dissipate cool air through vents in the ceiling

Different portions of your home or building may be blocked off or prioritised using a system of ducts running throughout your home or structure, allowing you to chill your home or workplace zone by zone. This is especially advantageous in a large house since many rooms will not be inhabited all day, eliminating the need to spend energy chilling them down.

Split Air Conditioning System

A split air conditioning system is the most common system installed in homes and offices worldwide. Like a ducted system, it works by splitting the cooling unit into two parts with the exception of a single room (it can be multi room but not as common) outlet (evaporator) to cool and heat.

Split systems are cheaper to purchase and install and a lot cheaper to run. They are very effective for cooling and heating single spaces. 

Which One Should I Choose?

Most homes and businesses that want air conditioning will choose a split system. It is more flexible, cheaper to purchase and install, and less intrusive. However, if you are restricted outside by space, you might not have the ability to install several split systems condenser units

When choosing an air conditioning system, the best thing to do is call in an expert. They will be able to help you choose the correct unit for your home, provide a quote and install it for you.


Is it ducted or split? The choice is yours.

As you can see, there are many pros and cons to both. However, it all comes down to what will work best for you. From a cost perspective, split systems are usually cheaper, and they allow you to install air-conditioning in larger spaces or spaces where it is challenging to install ductwork. However, ducted systems make it easier to zone off your house or office areas, and they can cool down your building much more quickly.

So it all comes down to what will work best for you. The best thing to do is to call in an expert who can do a complete survey of your home or office and recommend a system according to your individual needs.

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