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5 Common Issues You May Encounter With Your Split System

When it comes to keeping your home comfy, heating and cooling are vital roles. If not correctly cared for and maintained, your split system air conditioning could be running inefficiently costing you money and comfort. With this post, we’ll look at the four most common causes of problems in split systems, as well as what you can do about them.

1. Clogged and Dirty Filters

Not all split systems have indicator lights or service warnings to indicate that the filters need a clean. A reduction in airflow or unusual odour could indicate a blocked or dirty filter. Air conditioner filters play a crucial role in allowing efficient heat transfer from the clean air passing over the evaporator coil (indoor unit). When the filter reduces air flow the heat transfer isn’t great resulting in inefficient cooling or heating leaving you uncomfortable. To add to this, the system is forced to work harder meaning added power consumption that costs you money

2. Gas (Refrigerant Leak)

Air conditioners utilise a ‘closed circuit’ refrigerant system meaning that the refrigerant is simply pushed around the system converted to a gas and then restored to a liquid. The system is pressure tested on installation to ensure that operating pressures wont cause leaks and negative pressure won’t allow contaminants into the system. A well maintained/serviced air conditioner doesn’t require ‘top up’ refrigerant, components are checked periodically to ensure they are holding pressure. If you suspect your air conditioner isnt heating or cooling as efficeint as it always has, you’ll need one of our technicians to repair the problem that has caused the leak to get it running again

3. Serious Component Issues

Capacitors are a vital component of your condensing unit. The  main job of a capacitor is to store the power needed for your air conditioner at start up. Because an air conditioner requires greater power at startup, the capacitor gives it a ‘jumpstart’. If your capacitor fails, it will cause your air conditioner to draw excess current at startup and will trip the circuit breaker.

If your air conditioner starts tripping the protection device in your switchboard, don’t hesitate to call your local electrician. They’re trained to deal with electrical issues and rectify any issues causing problems to your air conditioner.

4. Problems After a Power Outage or a Storm

Storms can create minor flooding in air conditioner outdoor units and can also cause surge current in supply lines that lead to electrical components failing. Before checking for water exposure, make sure to switch off your split system – if in doubt do not touch the unit and don’t remove any covers! Check the circuit breaker to determine if it has tripped, you’re still having issues with your unit, it’s time to contact an electrician.

5. Unusual Noise

Air conditioners have a lot of rotating parts both in inside units (evaporators) and outdoor units (condensers). The fan in the both the evaporator and condenser pull air across the coils to transfer heat for efficient operation. The indoor fan is a typically a scroll type fan and is designed to be as quiet as possible for your comfort. The outdoor unit fan is a larger fan and slightly noisier as it requires a lot more air flow. If you notice an unusual noise in the indoor or outdoor unit, your best bet is to turn the air conditioner off at the isolator (at the outdoor unit) or if you cant locate that switch it off at the switchboard and contact an electrician to investigate the cause. Noises can escalate into serious problems overnight if left alone that can cost serious money to repair. 


Split system air conditioners are a great way to keep your home comfortable and relaxed for years to come. However, without regular maintenance and repair, your split system could fail.

If you suspect your split system is at risk of failing, bring it to the attention of an electrician. They are trained to deal with electrical issues and will be able to help you get your split system working to optimal standards.

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