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Buderim Electrical – Emergency Electricians 24hrs

Loss of power after a storm event or heavy rain is not uncommon. The Sunshine Coast has more than its fair share of natural weather events usually leaving suburbs without power. Buderim Electrical has emergency electricians to help get you powered up.

Fallen power lines require emergency electricians

Energex require an electrician to attend site in the event of a power failure to ensure that the customers installation is not the cause of power loss. Once our electricians have established that your property is ok, Energex will deploy their support crews to site. There are refunds available from Energex website for up to $200 inc gst (see site for further information)

Care must be taken when investigating loss of supply – especially where trees have fallen on lines or wet weather has caused an outage. Opening a switchboard can be a serious hazard if there is a fault.

Loss of power can also be from equipment failure such as a faulty appliance, a faulty fitting or wiring that has developed a fault and has come into contact with the carpet. When resetting an RCD or circuit breaker (if safe to do so) and the fault is still present, do not try to reset it again – call Buderim Electrical. Reenergising faulty equipment or appliances can lead to electrical fires. Unplugging devices and appliances from all power points in the house prior to an electrician turning up will help in speeding up the process.

Emergency electricians can replace burnt out safety switches

If you still have power but have an issue such as an electrical burning smell or smoke coming out of an appliance call the fire brigade 000 immediately. Smoke detectors will not sound if the fire is in the switchboard or in the ceiling of your home. Do not wait for an electrician to arrive before you call emergency services!

For all electrical emergencies call Buderim Electrical on 0499995125

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