Emergency Electrician – All Areas Of The Sunshine Coast

Need an Emergency Electrician?

Its never good losing power and it seems to happen at the most inconvenient time, We take lighting, power, hot water etc for granted – until its gone! Buderim Electrical have an emergency electrician available after hours (callout fee applies) to restore power and keep you wired!

Emergency electrician Power Outage Warning sign with candle

Causes of power loss

Although power loss occurs during a storm event, there are other causes of power loss such as appliance failure, switch gear failure and wiring failure. There are a couple of easy tests you can perform before you call an electrician. The most common one of these is appliance failure

Before You Call

If you have a safety switch that wont reset on your power circuit, you can start by unplugging all appliances (indoor and outdoor) from the power points. You must unplug them not just switch them off at the wall. Once you are sure you have removed them all including outside, you can reset the safety switch. If the safety switch resets and doesn’t trip again you can then plug in your appliances one at a time until you find the culprit. Please note: Dont try to keep resetting if continual trip occurs.

Remember, safety around switchboards is vital – call a Buderim Electrical emergency electrician if in doubt

Switch gear and wiring failure

Although not as common, these causes of power failure require the assistance of a licensed electrician and should never be touched in case of electric shock. Wiring failures will cause a circuit breaker or safety switch to trip. That is their role – to ensure that supply is disconnected before further damage or worse – fire occurs. Continually trying to reset a circuit breaker is dangerous.

Call an Emergency Electrician!

For piece of mind, particularly after a storm event, call Buderim Electrical 24hr electrician to make sure things are safe.

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