What Is A Thermal Imaging Inspection?  

At Buderim Electrical we’re here to ensure your business runs smoothly and avoids unnecessary costs and breakdowns due to electrical failures. This can be achieved by implementing a preventative maintenance plan that involves a non-invasive inspection that monitors changes in surface temperatures of switchboards, switchgear, motors and cabling. And all this can be performed without the need to shut anything down. Preventative maintenance is the key to equipment longevity and is the preferred method by commercial electricians.

The Process

The most common faults that we come across in commercial premises are loose connections in switchboards, circuits/circuit protection that are overloaded, unbalanced phases and general faulty equipment. None of these are obvious without the use of thermal imaging cameras and are all capable of starting fires and destruction

Thermal cameras are a sophisticated device, which consists of a heat sensor that holds the capacity to pick up very small increments of differences in temperature, while gathering infrared radiation and turning it into visible pictures for technicians to analyse

An early indication of possible faults can then be discussed and planned to minimise interruptions and prevent breakdowns occurring that cost time and money.

These faults can easily be prevented by scheduling routine thermal inspections. We recommend to schedule an inspection once every 12 months to reduce your risk.

All of the faults discussed above can easily be prevented through regularly scheduled thermal imaging inspections. We recommend to schedule an inspection once every 12 months.  

The Benefits   

Having a commercial electrician perform a thermal inspection of your premises as part of a preventative maintenance strategy will benefit your business:

  1. Non-invasive inspections means that your business can run as normal without any interruption or costly shutdowns. Apartment buildings with guests and tenants will not be disturbed
  2. Thermal inspections are cost effective as any issue identified can be planned into busy schedules or undertaken in downtimes and will not become emergency maintenance or after hours call outs.
  3. Safety is everyone’s concern and knowing that your equipment isn’t going to let you down or harm anyone is a great peace of mind
  4. Some businesses are required to undertake thermal imaging as part of their insurance obligations to reduce premiums and ensure safety

Let Buderim Electrical assist your business by putting in place a thermal imaging maintenance plan and reduce the cost of unnecessary maintenance. For Sunshine Coast high rise holiday apartments we recommend a winter plan to ensure that the busy summer periods remain relatively hassle free. Call us today on 0499995125 or book a thermal scan online today. We are the Sunshine Coast’s best commercial electricians!