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Emergency Electrician – All Areas Of The Sunshine Coast

Need an Emergency Electrician?

Its never good losing power and it seems to happen at the most inconvenient time, We take lighting, power, hot water etc for granted – until its gone! Buderim Electrical have an emergency electrician available after hours (callout fee applies) to restore power and keep you wired!

Emergency electrician Power Outage Warning sign with candle

Causes of power loss

Although power loss occurs during a storm event, there are other causes of power loss such as appliance failure, switch gear failure and wiring failure. There are a couple of easy tests you can perform before you call an electrician. The most common one of these is appliance failure

Before You Call

If you have a safety switch that wont reset on your power circuit, you can start by unplugging all appliances (indoor and outdoor) from the power points. You must unplug them not just switch them off at the wall. Once you are sure you have removed them all including outside, you can reset the safety switch. If the safety switch resets and doesn’t trip again you can then plug in your appliances one at a time until you find the culprit. Please note: Dont try to keep resetting if continual trip occurs.

Remember, safety around switchboards is vital – call a Buderim Electrical emergency electrician if in doubt

Switch gear and wiring failure

Although not as common, these causes of power failure require the assistance of a licensed electrician and should never be touched in case of electric shock. Wiring failures will cause a circuit breaker or safety switch to trip. That is their role – to ensure that supply is disconnected before further damage or worse – fire occurs. Continually trying to reset a circuit breaker is dangerous.

Call an Emergency Electrician!

For piece of mind, particularly after a storm event, call Buderim Electrical 24hr electrician to make sure things are safe.

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Emergency Electricians

Buderim Electrical – Emergency Electricians 24hrs

Loss of power after a storm event or heavy rain is not uncommon. The Sunshine Coast has more than its fair share of natural weather events usually leaving suburbs without power. Buderim Electrical has emergency electricians to help get you powered up.

Fallen power lines require emergency electricians

Energex require an electrician to attend site in the event of a power failure to ensure that the customers installation is not the cause of power loss. Once our electricians have established that your property is ok, Energex will deploy their support crews to site. There are refunds available from Energex website for up to $200 inc gst (see site for further information)

Care must be taken when investigating loss of supply – especially where trees have fallen on lines or wet weather has caused an outage. Opening a switchboard can be a serious hazard if there is a fault.

Loss of power can also be from equipment failure such as a faulty appliance, a faulty fitting or wiring that has developed a fault and has come into contact with the carpet. When resetting an RCD or circuit breaker (if safe to do so) and the fault is still present, do not try to reset it again – call Buderim Electrical. Reenergising faulty equipment or appliances can lead to electrical fires. Unplugging devices and appliances from all power points in the house prior to an electrician turning up will help in speeding up the process.

Emergency electricians can replace burnt out safety switches

If you still have power but have an issue such as an electrical burning smell or smoke coming out of an appliance call the fire brigade 000 immediately. Smoke detectors will not sound if the fire is in the switchboard or in the ceiling of your home. Do not wait for an electrician to arrive before you call emergency services!

For all electrical emergencies call Buderim Electrical on 0499995125

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Sunshine Coast Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection

Does your new home need an electrical inspection?

Buying a new home can be stressful process that involves many small processes such as finance applications, building and pest inspections and legal reports. One area that is often overlooked is the electrical inspection.

Electrical Inspection equipment

Electrical inspections are relatively low cost inspections that provide peace of mind and family safety. Quite often we see buyers that have purchased a home find issues relating to equipment failure, illegal DIY electrical wiring, air conditioning systems that don’t cool/heat, sub standard switchboard wiring and switchgear and much more. These issues can end up costing the buyer a large amount of money as they aren’t included in a building and pest report.

Post purchase, you may be budgeting for renovations or extensions to a prospective property. At the time of inspection we can also check mains sizing, point of attachment location and switchboard redundancy to give you an indication of additional costs that may arise unexpectedly.

There are also legislative requirements for sellers to sell a property with RCD protection as well as smoke alarms that meet current standards. These often get overlooked and cost the buyer more money after purchase

An electrical inspection can be arranged to coincide with building and pest times to minimise hassle.

Other types of electrical inspections

Perhaps you have already purchased a property and are unsure of the condition of the wiring and the protection is adequate. You may:

  • Have spotted what looks like DIY wiring
  • Noticed old cloth style wiring
  • Have issues arising after a recent storm
  • Suspect that halogen lighting may be covered over in ceiling or close to timber structure
  • Want to make sure all circuits are protected by RCD’s (safety switches)

Whatever the purpose, we can provide a report that satisfies your requirements. Give us a call to arrange a time that suits your schedule.