Home Ventilation

Mould and Damp in a home

Dampness, condensation and lack of home ventilation can cause mould to grow at a rapid rate. Certain types of mould as well as dampness have been proven to cause sickness. Correct home ventilation can help to reduce harmful mould growth and eliminate musty damp smells in your home.

Sub Floor Ventilation

Mould caused by sub floor dampness

Many issues in the home can be caused by sub floor dampness. Apart from health issues, rising damp and mould can cause structural issues as well as perfect pathways for termites

There are solutions that can create airflow under your home and keep the subfloor dry and mould free without costing a fortune in running costs. Buderim Electrical has a solution for all home ventilation needs

Sub floor ventilation system

We can set up a reasonably priced home ventilation system using automated moisture and humidity sensors that bring on air movement only when required to do so reducing running costs of the system whilst maintaining a dry subfloor area. These systems can be installed in any home that has enough clearance for access. We use quality inline fans and sensors that provide longevity for the system.

In House Ventilation

Bathrooms, walk in wardrobes and bottom storey rooms are prone to dampness and mould growth due to the restriction in home ventilation. We have a few options (depending on your budget) that enable a good airflow into these areas that can be seasonally adjusted to prevent draughts in cooler months whilst still maintaining a dry, mould free environment.

Solar powered roof fans
  • Mains powered exhaust fans and blowers
  • Solar powered roof fans with ducted vents
  • Humidity and moisture sensors

Whatever your requirements, Buderim Electrical have a home ventilation solution to remedy most issues. We offer an initial inspection to determine the best system to meet your needs and budget. Give us a call to discuss your specific situation and rid your home of mould and dampness that can cause illness in your home

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