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You Must Avoid These Hazards of New Kitchen Appliances

Electrical safety is essential for the well-being of building and home occupants. Even if there are no accidents, hidden electrical issues can damage and wear down your equipment over time. A mechanical and electrical engineering services firm or Buderim electrician can help you keep buildings under optimal operating conditions, including residential and office buildings.

No, this does not mean getting takeaway every night is safer, nor is it more affordable; we’re referring to the risk of building fires and other electrical accidents. Nice try! You’ve still got heat, fire, water, and on top of it all, electricity to contend with every day. 

On the positive side, this risk is manageable with careful planning and knowledge of the appliance(s). There are many things you work on to prevent an electrical hazard. Here are some of the most common you may encounter that require a Buderim electrician:

  • Insufficient wiring
  • Appliances near water or the sink
  • An overloaded system
  • Wet hands
  • Ignorance of fire risks
  • Ignorance of GFCI/AFCI and code compliance for all kitchen outlets

Now let’s talk more about appliances.

Kitchen Appliance Hazards

These kitchen appliances have been family favourites for their incredible convenience and fast results, but users should respect them just because you do not see a flame does not mean that these appliances are less dangerous. 

The following devices employ high wattage for super-fast results, so make sure that air vents are kept free from blockages and interior components are free from food debris if you want them to keep functioning safely:

  • Microwaves
  • Air fryers
  • Insta-pots
  • Ovens

You should also watch any unusual malfunction codes that might flash up, notably “F” codes, as these may indicate that something severe is going on. 

“F” codes in kitchen appliances stand for failure, so if F2 appears, it shows a thermal sensor failure, while F3 means that you have a shorting membrane keypad failure, which can be extremely dangerous. Read the manual for electrical requirements and keep it handy if an error code does appear.

You can prevent these from happening by:

  • Ensuring that the space it occupies is safe and secure.
  • Ensuring that there is a model with a child lock available.
  • Checking sees if any air vents are blocked.
  • Constantly unplug this appliance when it is not in use.
  • Reading the manufacturer’s handbook before operating it.
  • Use appropriate cookware and utensils. 

Otherwise, it is best to contact a Buderim electrician to handle the above concerns. Do close your breaker to prevent even more long-term, significant damage.

In the Event of Kitchen Fires

When an electrical fire starts, the most important thing to remember is not to panic. Heightened emotions usually fuel the increasing severity of the fire, even when these simple steps can avert it. Remember to:

  • Take a deep breath before solving the problem.
  • Put out the flame with a fire extinguisher by pointing it directly at the appliance.
  • Power of the affected appliance only once the flames have been extinguished. Turn off the breaker as well for additional safety.
  • Leave the site immediately and call a Buderim electrician.

The Closing on Kitchen Appliance Hazards

Kitchen appliances can be dangerous, and we urge you not to use them carelessly. Treat each appliance with care and attention to prevent electrical shock and other accidents. Concentrate on the cooking task, avoid distractions, and never handle electrical items with wet hands. Consult an electrician to get your wiring sorted out and prevent these problems before they happen.

Contact Buderim Electrical whenever you need a Buderim electrician right at your doorstep! We’re air conditioning and electrical specialists who know our way around wiring, outlets, etc. Call us on 0499 995 125 for all your electrical needs.

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