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4 Small Tips That Make a Huge Impact on Your Energy Bill

Electricity costs money, and often it costs the planet too. Being energy smart means only using as little as you need without abandoning civilisation. This article will discuss some simple ways to reduce your electricity consumption without giving up all modern conveniences. Read on!

1. Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances have gone a long way to reducing their electricity consumption in the past few years. Today’s appliances use fewer resources than ever before, owing to more innovative materials, reduced inefficiencies, and the introduction of new technologies. While some appliances may be created equal, they may be more expensive, and the savings may mitigate this it passes on to you over its many years of reduced energy use.

The increased prevalence of sleep and power saver modes is a critical component of reduced energy consumption. Unless the item is physically in use, this reduces the appetite of many appliances to a mere trickle of electricity.

2. Opt For Solar Instead

The easiest way to be energy smart is to do away with the need for electricity entirely. Solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable, and many households are now absorbing electricity from the sun instead of the traditional power grid.

While there is an initial investment cost, this is soon absorbed by the very energy savings passed onto you. You can even lease solar panels in South Australia to test the waters of such a decision.

Once installed, you get free and renewable energy that can be used to power the most energy-hungry appliances, such as the air conditioner. This may not always be an option for those living in apartment buildings or houses where solar panels with unconventional designs, but it is an excellent alternative to the traditional power grid.

3. Energy Timers are Effective

Today, many cheap smart power strips allow you to program a power-down of the connected appliances. This is the best way to ensure that energy is not wasted when you are not using the connected appliance.

You can program the power strip to lower the power to minimum levels during the night and then re-adjust to previous levels when you wake up again. This simple change can save many households a significant amount of money over a year.

The same thing can be achieved with basic power strips, but you will need to be more vigilant about using the appliances since you cannot program times into them.

4. Limit Showers to Five Minutes

Giving yourself a power shower can be a relaxing thing to do, and it certainly pampers the skin. However, an addiction to this watery bliss can also significantly impact your energy bill. 

Limiting yourself to five-minute showers will save you water, money, and the environment. It is not the only way to be energy smart, but it is a great place to start, and it is well worth the minor sacrifice of not being able to spend as much time in the shower as you may want.


There are many other ways to be energy smart and save money. These tips are merely the beginning of a long road of careful energy conservation that will save you money and resources when you need them most.

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