LED Lighting

What is LED lighting?

LED Lighting (or Light Emitting Diode lights) are low power consuming lights that are the smart alternative to standard home lighting. The LED range covers all types of lighting from downlights to outdoor flood lighting. They are a safe and cost effective form of lighting especially for those looking at green alternatives.

LED Lighting colour options

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Your Home

Along with extremely low and safe operating temperatures, LED lighting has an outstanding return on investment with 85% less consumption and up to 30 times the life expectancy of Halogen lamps. LED lamps are free from toxic material and are 100% recyclable making them a true form of green energy.

With high definition colours and the ability to control colours and brightness, LED’s can really make a huge difference to your home. When used with home automation you can even control the ambience of your home dependant on the season!

LED Lighting in loungeroom

Safety and LED Lighting

Halogen lighting are notorious for producing extremely high heat during operation. Temperatures can reach in excess of 300c putting structural timber and insulation at risk of fire. QFES report the most common cause of roof fires start due to insulation too close to Halogen lights. Smoke detection will only detect smoke below the ceiling so changing out Halogens for LED lighting is the most safe option for your home and family.

In contrast, LED’s run at less than half the operating temperature of Halogen lamps. Whats more, LED technology uses a heat sink, located at the bottom of the lamp, which draws most of the heat to one place, and keeps the electronics cool. Keeping the lamp cool is one of the reasons LEDs have long lifespans. The other reason is simply that an LED does not waste its energy through heat, and the bulk of it is used to provide light.

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