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When is it Time to Replace Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

Commercial kitchen equipment is any device the entire team shares for food preparation. This may include equipment in a restaurant, school canteen, hospital cafeteria, or other places where food is made.

These may be different types of equipment, such as a fryer, range, toaster, or grill. They may be heated or cooling. The type of food prepared on it and the number of people who use it will determine how long the equipment will last.

The amount of time it takes for replacement depends on how often the equipment is used. It may also depend on the type of food that is being prepared. The flavour, aroma and presentation of your food will also determine whether or not you should replace your equipment.

Today, let’s explore the common signs that your kitchen equipment is due for replacement. Here’s what you need to watch out for:

High Maintenance Costs

Often, high maintenance costs scare people from keeping their commercial kitchen equipment in good shape. This can be a good indication that you should replace the equipment.

However, you should also check the quality of the maintenance costs to determine if it’s a good idea to replace them. With the correct maintenance, your equipment can last longer. Check the maintenance costs to see if you are getting the best deal. If you are not saving money on maintenance, it may be time to replace the equipment.

Decreased Performance

Another way to tell if your commercial kitchen equipment is due for replacement is to notice if the performance decreases. The type of food and the amount of preparation that goes into it will determine the performance of the equipment. For example, a frozen food item may need less power to cook than an item that is not frozen.

When the performance of the equipment decreases, you should check to see if there is an issue that needs to be resolved. If you can’t find a solution to the problem, it may be time for a replacement.

Sky High Utility Bills

The way you use your equipment is a good indicator of whether or not your utility bills will skyrocket. If you notice that you are using more and more power, it may signify that you should replace the equipment.

After all, various factors may cause this, such as those mentioned above. High utility bills can also signify that you aren’t using the equipment the right way. You may be misusing it or using the wrong food on certain equipment.

There’s also the possibility that you aren’t using your equipment efficiently enough. Regardless of the reason, you should consider replacing it if your bills are sky-high.

Deteriorating Quality of Food

If you notice a decline in your food quality, it may be time to replace your commercial kitchen equipment. Deteriorating the quality of the food that you prepare can be attributed to various issues.

For example, if you use equipment to prepare a frozen item, you may notice that it takes longer to thaw out. You may also notice that the food quality is deteriorating. If you are using a coffee maker, the quality of coffee may be sporadic.

These are just a few examples of food quality decline. If you notice a decline in the quality of your food, you should check the performance of your equipment. If the problem is related to the equipment, you should consider replacing it.

The Bottom Line

It can be challenging to tell when to replace your commercial kitchen equipment. You have to consider the quality of the food and the performance of the equipment. You may also consider the frequency of operation, maintenance costs, and utility bills.

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