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5 Instances You Need to Call an Emergency Electrician

Dealing with electrical problems in your home is no joke. And it’s not something you should try doing on your own, especially if you’re not trained and qualified in that field. But how do you know if an electrical problem in your home is an emergency or if it can wait until the next day?

1. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are often signs of serious issues that need to be resolved immediately. This is because they can sometimes burn out or short circuit, leaving your lights completely dark. So if you spot flickering lights in your home, do not wait for the situation to worsen. Call an emergency electrician immediately.

2. Electric Shock

Have you ever been standing in a room and felt a slight tingling in your body? You might have thought it was just an uncomfortable feeling. But that could also be an indication that your electrical system has a problem.

Electrical shocks occur when there’s a sudden movement in the voltage, which causes the electricity to flow to your body. If this happens, you need to immediately get away from the electrical source. If you notice that you’re experiencing electrical shocks when using specific objects in your home, you should call an emergency electrician as soon as possible.

3. Strange Noises and Smells Coming From Your Walls

That strange crackling sound coming from your walls could be a sign that your electrical system is failing. Or, that unpleasant burning smell that you can’t seem to track down could be a sign that there’s an electrical problem in your home.

If you can pinpoint the source of these issues, you should always call an emergency electrician. These could be indicators of bigger problems that you should not try to tackle on your own.

4. Burnt or Smoking Outlets

If you plug in an electrical device and it starts smoking, or if you see a strange burning smell coming from an outlet, you need to get it checked immediately. This is a potentially dangerous situation, and it could cause a fire in your home.

Don’t hold back if you think that your electrical system has a problem. Call an emergency electrician to help you assess the situation and fix it.

5. After a Major Water Leak or Flood

If you’ve experienced a major water leak or flood in your home, there’s a chance that the electrical system has been damaged. That’s because water can weaken parts of the electrical system in your home. Or, it could cause problems like mould and mildew. When you contact an emergency electrician after a major water leak or flood, they can inspect your system to determine if there are any problems and what the damage is.

In addition to fire and shock, water is one of the biggest culprits for electrical problems. So it’s essential that you only hire a professional to fix these types of issues.

Final Thoughts

Electrical problems are dangerous and can lead to unforeseen issues if left unaddressed. So do not try to fix these problems on your own. Instead, call an emergency electrician to help you assess the situation and fix it.

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