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Top 3 Reasons to Avoid DIY Electrical Work in Australia

Do-It-Yourself or DIY work is common now more than ever, especially with those on a budget. However, some things may be dangerous to DIY, one of which is electrical work. This is especially true in Australia, where DIY electrical work is illegal.

Dealing with electricity always comes with high risks, which is why it’s always better to be compliant with the law and trust the professionals. DIY electrical work might endanger you, your family, and your property, whether you’re remodelling or making basic repairs around the house. 

What’s more, you may also end up paying heavy fines for not obeying the law.

Here are three reasons to avoid DIY electrical work in Australia and what to do instead:

1. You Must Prioritise Your Safety at All Times

Doing your electrical work may be tempting because you’re only looking at the immediate cost, and you don’t yet know what the result will be. But in the end, the price of hiring a licensed electrician may be worth it because the safety risks are too great to take a chance on.

Electrical work can be dangerous if you don’t have the right skills and knowledge to do it properly. There’s always a risk you’ll be wounded, or worse, hurt someone else in your family.

But as a homeowner, you have a legal obligation to make sure your home is safe. You must ensure that a certified electrician performs electrical work besides providing a safe living environment.

What to Do Instead: If you have electrical work, hire a licensed electrician. Too much can go wrong if you don’t have the right skills and knowledge to do the job.

2. Electrical Work Must Be Done in Compliance with the Law has a website specifically dedicated to electrical licences. Confirm that the person you hire to do your electrical work is a licensed electrician.

This means that they’re legally allowed or licensed, protecting you if there are any breakdowns or issues with the job.

In addition, if you fail to comply with the law, you can be fined. The law requires that all kinds of electrical work be handled by certified electricians, including plugging appliances into wall outlets and installing light fixtures and ceiling fans.

What to Do Instead: Make sure that the person you’re hiring is a licensed electrician.

3. DIY Electrical Work Could Void Your Home Insurance

The legalities of electrical work are already confusing enough, but if you’re also wondering about your home insurance, that’s another reason not to DIY electrical work.

Your home insurance policy could be voided if you perform any electrical work. This means that you’ll have to pay out of pocket if something goes awry with the electrical system in your home.

What to Do Instead: If you need electrical work, consult with your insurance agency. Check if they have pre-approved or recommended electrical companies and hire a professional electrician from there. Moreover, you can also check your preferred company if their reports have been used by your insurance carrier before.


Since safety is paramount, hiring a licensed electrician ensures your home, family, and possessions are safe. Doing your electrical repair can lead to severe injuries and fines that can quickly add up. Hiring a certified electrician is the best method to guarantee your property is safe and legal.

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