Surge Protection

Surge Protection

Electrical safety is paramount to protect your family from electrocution but have you considered asset safety such as surge protection to protect the thousands of dollars worth of electrical equipment purchased each year?

Surge Protection to prevent Power surge
Lightning causing power surge

Power Surge

Power surges (or spikes) can occur from lightning, accidents or even starting electrical equipment. Power surge causes higher than normal current to flow, resulting in damage to equipment. The surge is usually very brief lasting less than a thousandth of a second, but it can still cause damage to your home and electrical appliances.

What Damage Can Occur?

Without surge protection, all electrical and electronic devices such as TV’s, microwaves, fridges, phones (on chargers), computers, printers etc are at risk. Sensitive electronics are destroyed by minimal surges in current.

How Can I Protect My Equipment?

There are three different methods of surge protection: portable, power point protection, and switch board protection.

Portable surge devices: can be expensive and one time protection and limit the amount of protection due to restriction of outlets

Power point protection: can be installed in places with sensitive equipment such as the home office and whilst restrictive, provide a good level of protection that can also be reset after a surge event. However, these are not ideal for applications such as fridges/freezers where you require power restoration

Switchboard protection: offers a blanket protection to your home by diverting power surge to earth in the switchboard before it reaches your power circuits. Installed by a licensed electrical contractor, this system offers a high level of protection for the whole house without leaving appliances powerless in the process. Care must be taken after a surge event however to ensure that the low cost,  replaceable module is replaced for ongoing protection.

Additional Protection

To further protect your electrical and electronic equipment we recommend to disconnect all TV antennas to avoid possible damage to TV’s. For further information or to book Buderim Electrical  to assess your situation, please call 0499995125.


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