Sunshine Coast Pre Purchase Electrical Inspection

Does your new home need an electrical inspection?

Buying a new home can be stressful process that involves many small processes such as finance applications, building and pest inspections and legal reports. One area that is often overlooked is the electrical inspection.

Electrical Inspection equipment

Electrical inspections are relatively low cost inspections that provide peace of mind and family safety. Quite often we see buyers that have purchased a home find issues relating to equipment failure, illegal DIY electrical wiring, air conditioning systems that don’t cool/heat, sub standard switchboard wiring and switchgear and much more. These issues can end up costing the buyer a large amount of money as they aren’t included in a building and pest report.

Post purchase, you may be budgeting for renovations or extensions to a prospective property. At the time of inspection we can also check mains sizing, point of attachment location and switchboard redundancy to give you an indication of additional costs that may arise unexpectedly.

There are also legislative requirements for sellers to sell a property with RCD protection as well as smoke alarms that meet current standards. These often get overlooked and cost the buyer more money after purchase

An electrical inspection can be arranged to coincide with building and pest times to minimise hassle.

Other types of electrical inspections

Perhaps you have already purchased a property and are unsure of the condition of the wiring and the protection is adequate. You may:

  • Have spotted what looks like DIY wiring
  • Noticed old cloth style wiring
  • Have issues arising after a recent storm
  • Suspect that halogen lighting may be covered over in ceiling or close to timber structure
  • Want to make sure all circuits are protected by RCD’s (safety switches)

Whatever the purpose, we can provide a report that satisfies your requirements. Give us a call to arrange a time that suits your schedule.

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