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Top Locations to Consider Installing Your New Power Outlets

If you’re constructing a new house or renovating this year, it’s usually a good idea to layout your electrical outlets before you start putting up new walls. This is an essential aspect of the property that is sometimes disregarded. Simply put, you can never have too many power outlets in your house, so use our handy guide to determine the ideal locations for extra power outlets.

Powering Your Loungeroom

Everything we use for work, enjoyment, and housework necessitates the usage of a power outlet. It’s wise to get ahead of the game by installing enough power outlets to keep the entire family energised and satisfied. Install electrical outlets in each corner, then plan out where your furniture will go. In addition, if you intend to install a flat-screen TV, a well-placed plug behind the screen will conceal any unsightly connections.

Keeping the Kitchen Charged

In the kitchen, it’s essential to have power points close to all of your cooking appliances and food preparation areas for safety reasons and convenience. The best and most logical place to put a powerpoint is next to the largest bench space, as this is where you’ll be doing most of your food preparation.

Laundry Convenience

It’s always a good idea to have a powerpoint close to the laundry, as this is where you’ll be spending the majority of your time (especially if you do your ironing). In addition to a powerpoint, a laundry should also have a heat-resistant surface, such as a set of tiles or a benchtop, so that you can place a hot iron in a safe place while you’re adding the finishing touches to your wrinkled attire.

Bathroom Powering

Having a powerpoint in the bathroom is handy for charging your mobile phone and keeping your toothbrush charged. If possible, it’s best to put the powerpoint inside the cabinet, as the humidity will shorten the life of any electrical items.

A Home Office

Most people spend a considerable chunk of their free time at home in their office, so it’s best to make this room as comfortable, convenient and power-outlet-friendly as possible. Always run a powerpoint along the base of the wall. By doing this, you can hide any unsightly wires inside a power board and connect your computer, mobile phone and other devices to the power outlets.

Keep Your Garage Charged

If you’re a keen do-it-yourselfer or have a hobby or craft you’re passionate about, you’ll need to have a good-sized powerpoint in your garage or shed. Ensure it’s in a central location, so you have easy access to all your tools. You’ll also need somewhere to store your battery chargers for all your power tools. Choose a cupboard or shelf with a lockable door so you can keep all your power tools locked up at the end of the day.

Don’t Forget the Bedroom

Of course, you’ll need to have a powerpoint in your bedroom. It’s handy to have a dedicated power outlet in the wall next to your bed so you can charge your mobile phone in the middle of the night without having to fumble around in the dark. If you have a dimmer switch, place a twin-headed power board in the wall to give you the option of choosing between a bright night light or a less powerful light for when you’re sleeping.


And that’s it! These are some of the most common power points and outlets in the home, and there are many more that we haven’t covered here. However, with this information, you should now have a good idea of adding power outlets to your home, no matter the size or layout.

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