Christmas Lighting Electrical Safety

How Safe is your Christmas Lighting? When designing and installing your display, take into consideration the following safety tips from Buderim Electrical

  • Do my lights have a regulatory compliance mark logo to ensure compliance with Australian Standards
  • Are my lights suitable for where i want to install them and are they rated indoor use only?
  • What are the manufacturers specifications for the use of the lights? Do they for example require adequate ventilation 
  • If using last seasons Christmas lighting, do they have any visible damage that might cause an issue when operating?

When installing your Christmas lighting display:

  • Do i have adequate power supply that is protected by an RCD? All power points must be protected by an RCD. If you don’t have a safety switch or are unsure, contact us for an inspection
  • If using power boards are they in an area that is protected from rain? Do they have overload protection built in?
  • Check that all outdoor connections are weatherproof 
  • Check that all extension leads are in good repair and if not dispose of them and purchase new ones
  • Don’t run extension leads over pathways or driveways
  • If using ladders make sure you follow working at heights safety and ensure that you are not around the electrical point of supply 

Safe operation of Christmas lighting:

  • Supervise children around the display
  • Always turn off all lighting if going out or going to bed or if it looks like it may rain
  •  Limit the amount of time that you operate the display. Summer in Queensland is hot and electronics are very susceptible to overheating causing permanent damage to your lights

Remember, a small amount of safety and a little extra time in planning and installing your lighting will ensure the longevity of your lights and protect your family and home from fire or electrocution. 

Merry Christmas from Buderim Electrical 

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