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Everything That You Need to Know about Switchboards

Do you know what a switchboard is?

A switchboard is the heart of an electrical system. It comprises many parts, including circuit breakers, fuses, and busbars. The primary purpose of a switchboard is to safeguard the building and the people that live in it by supplying power to the individual parts of the building. The switchboard also monitors the flow of electricity and the building’s consumption.

The whole system can be put to a standstill if the switchboard goes out of action. If a short circuit, overload, or power outage happens, the switchboard will sense this and act accordingly. Switchboards are essential in the power system of an apartment building, a commercial establishment, or a hospital.

How Does a Switchboard Work

The very first part of the switchboard is the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is an automatically operated switch that has a number of functions. Its most important role is to protect the switchboard from overloading and possible burning. The circuit breaker is connected to the power source and is activated by a perceived overload or short circuit.

The circuit breaker is also used to disconnect the power source while installing electrical components, letting the power flow to it. This will then be recharged, and the power source is reconnected.

After the circuit breaker, the electricity flows to the busbars. The busbars are connected to the fuse box. This box is where the fuses are located. The fuses are designed to protect the wires and equipment in case of a sudden power surge.

Then after the fuses, the electricity passes through the cables after going through the switches. The switches are used to turn the power on and off.

The last part of the switchboard is the overcurrent device. If the electricity flowing through the system exceeds the capacity of the wires, the overcurrent device will shut the system down.

This is just a brief look into how a switchboard works. It is indeed a significant part of your electrical system.

Where Can You Use Switchboards

A switchboard is used for a number of applications. It may be used for controlling heavy machinery, appliances and lighting. It is also used to manage the power and flow of electricity to a building. Switchboards are used in hospitals, apartments, schools, offices and other establishments. They are also used for powering home appliances. There are also switchboards for industrial uses.

What Can Happen If the Switchboard Is Outdated

When the switchboard is outdated, it will be unable to accommodate new electrical equipment and appliances. If the switchboard is outdated or faulty, the power flow to the various electrical components will be disrupted. It may start to malfunction and cannot deliver enough energy.

Increases the Risk Of Electric Shock

An outdated switchboard can develop a spark or a short circuit, causing a power surge. The surge of power will then generate a severe electric shock if it is not detected in time. This is especially true if the switchboard is connected to electrical equipment.

Leads to Power Outages

The switchboard stabilises the electricity current and delivers it safely to various parts of the building. When it is not working, the electric current may not flow properly. This can cause disruptions in the flow of power and may cause power outages.

Causes Electrical Fire

If the switchboard is not working properly, it may develop an electrical short. It will then cause a spark or an electrical fire that could severely damage the appliances, equipment and the whole property.


A switchboard is vital in the electrical system of your property. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that it is working properly. If the switchboard is already outdated, then it is best to have it checked by a professional electrician to check and see if your switchboard needs replacing. This will not only keep your power working correctly but will also protect your safety and security as well as your property.

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