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What does it cost to run an air conditioner and how does it compare with other appliances?

How much does my air conditioner cost to run?

People are often cautious when heating or cooling their homes with air conditioning. After a new install, the air conditioner may get a good workout until the first electricity bill arrives! Lets take a look at air conditioner costs….

Air Conditioner Costs

What are the costs?

Providing you are getting a good deal on energy (compare your energy company), on average a split system air conditioner costs around $.25c-$.30c per hour to run when in cooling mode. There are other factors that can increase these costs such as insulation and room size. Heating costs with air conditioning are slightly less.

A ducted system will cost around $1.50-$2.00 per hour as they require a ‘neutral zone’ – an area that constantly runs when the unit is on and cant be controlled (the air has to go somewhere if all the zones are off!)

Taking these costs into account, they can add up quite quickly over a quarter billing period and give you a real surprise!

What are the running cost comparisons of other appliances?

The best alternative (although not as affective) to air conditioning are fans. Ceiling fans can cost as little as 5c an hour to run. Thats around $1 per day. Lets take a look at other appliances running costs:

Appliances such as ovens ($.60c-$1.30 /hr, stove ($.40c – $.80c /hr), vacuum cleaners ($.40c – $.80 /hr) and swimming pools ($.26c – $.53c /hr) all use more electricity than air conditioners per hour but are used less frequently (apart from swimming pools $.26c – $.53c /hr as they run 8hrs+ per day)

What can you do to save air conditioner costs?

There is no silver bullet when it comes to saving energy costs with cooling. We can however:

  • Install roof insulation to reduce house temperature
  • utilise ceiling fans to ensure that hot air is moved around reducing room temperature prior to starting air conditioner
  • Install wifi adapters in compatible systems to turn off air conditioners accidentally left on or to turn them on just prior to your arrival


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LED Lighting

What is LED lighting?

LED Lighting (or Light Emitting Diode lights) are low power consuming lights that are the smart alternative to standard home lighting. The LED range covers all types of lighting from downlights to outdoor flood lighting. They are a safe and cost effective form of lighting especially for those looking at green alternatives.

LED Lighting colour options

The Benefits of LED Lighting in Your Home

Along with extremely low and safe operating temperatures, LED lighting has an outstanding return on investment with 85% less consumption and up to 30 times the life expectancy of Halogen lamps. LED lamps are free from toxic material and are 100% recyclable making them a true form of green energy.

With high definition colours and the ability to control colours and brightness, LED’s can really make a huge difference to your home. When used with home automation you can even control the ambience of your home dependant on the season!

LED Lighting in loungeroom

Safety and LED Lighting

Halogen lighting are notorious for producing extremely high heat during operation. Temperatures can reach in excess of 300c putting structural timber and insulation at risk of fire. QFES report the most common cause of roof fires start due to insulation too close to Halogen lights. Smoke detection will only detect smoke below the ceiling so changing out Halogens for LED lighting is the most safe option for your home and family.

In contrast, LED’s run at less than half the operating temperature of Halogen lamps. Whats more, LED technology uses a heat sink, located at the bottom of the lamp, which draws most of the heat to one place, and keeps the electronics cool. Keeping the lamp cool is one of the reasons LEDs have long lifespans. The other reason is simply that an LED does not waste its energy through heat, and the bulk of it is used to provide light.

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Home Automation

Increased Security, Decreased Energy Costs and Making Life Easier – Welcome, Home Automation…


Looking at going away for a holiday or just want to come home to a light, warm home, Buderim Electrical are the home automation specialists on the Sunshine Coast.

Home Automation

Technology is advancing faster than we can comprehend – for good and bad. Factories are requiring less workers, office staff are being replaced with software and home automation is on the rise.

What is Home Automation?

Quite simply, home automation is the electronic and automatic control of devices, appliances and infrastructure in our homes. With the introduction of home wireless networks and Bluetooth  Technology, controlling devices and appliances from anywhere in the world is now possible and relatively easy to set up.

What Can Be Controlled?

Control packages such as Clipsal C-Bus offer an enormous range of control in your home such as:

  • Security Systems: remote cameras, remote opening/closing gates and doors
  • Lighting: power saving auto switching/dimming, season control, holiday security
  • Air Conditioning: warm or cool house before heading home or waking up
  • Audio/Visual: room audio, video streaming
  • Irrigation: water saving, keep gardens alive remotely
  • Pets: feed and water animals on holidays or weekends away without the hassle

How Do I Get Started?

Depending on your requirements and budget, Buderim Electrical can tailor a package to suit your needs. You can start with a small system that can be updated as required or choose an area of importance such as energy cost reduction to begin your home automation system.

More and more appliances are becoming smart home compatible so adding additional features once a system is in place can be as easy as purchasing and appliance.

For further information on home automation on the Sunshine Coast, call Buderim Electrical today.